Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Chicago PD Officer under fire for over firing on a 17 year old suspect carrying a knife Part 1

First off I want to wish everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving. I saw today at the White House as the human turkey pardoned two other turkeys. Anyways, here we go again thanks to the national media like clockwork. The nation is yet again being dragged into another black suspect/white cop shooting saga. A Chicago Police Officer Jason Dyke is being charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. This is the unedited video of the events leading up to the encounter between Officer Van Dyke and Laquan McDonald. Warning for graphic content.

 I've stated many times that I am a staunch supporter of body cameras and video documentation in general, because it's hard to say that video is here say evidence and it helps to keep both sides honest. I've also said that people must take a wait and see stance regarding evidence in a particular case and see where the evidence leads in regards to an officer shooting a suspect regardless of race. Many people like myself care simply that the facts get out so that true justice is served. Others only care to see every possible situation or incident through the narrow lenses of race and to seek favorable outcomes due to it. I've seen the video in question, and I came away with more questions then answers in this case. The attorney for Officer Dyke said that his client will be found innocent when all the facts are presented. I don't share his confidence for several reasons. From what I've read, Officer Van Dyke was the last officer to arrive on the scene as the other officers were confronting Laquan McDonald. I find it hard for Mr Van Dyke to claim he feared for his life, when Laquan was seen moving away from him, when he opened fired on him 17 times.  The amount of times officer Van Dyke shot Laquan McDonald was overkill (pardon the pun) but what was most damming is that he allegedly shot Laquan in the back and also while Laquan was on the ground. I'm not a gun expert, but I am assuming that a semi automatic service revolver will fire one bullet per squeezing of the trigger. I simulated pulling a trigger 17 times, the amount of shots doesn't compute as justified to take down one suspect. Also, was a taser used to try and subdue Laquan and if not why not? The Chicago Police Department is under scrutiny for waiting over a year to release it's findings of it's investigation. This delay has only helped to anger certain people and to give ammo to black activists who already don't have a favorable opinion of law enforcement. For now Chicago hasn't turned into Baltimore, for now.

Friday, November 06, 2015

The losers of the CNBC debate

CNBC has had record low rating for a long time now.  The same goes for it's sister network MSNBC.  The wizards of smart who once owned MSNBC and CNBC General Electric never figured out the simple concept that people just want unbiased news, and the current owners Comcast hasn't learned that lesson either, so viewers have spoken by tuning both of them out. The CNBC debate could have been a memorable and informative debate for all the right reasons, but the progressive hack/ news director of CNBC decided it was more important to have Democratic activists Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, John Harwood to be the so called moderators of a Republican Debate instead. There are two people who for some crazy reason still work for CNBC who would have been perfect moderators for that the debate but weren't, because the debate would have been a true one if they were. Reince Priebuss should have demanded that Larry Kudlow and Rick Sentelli have been the moderators. If it was me, it would have been a no brainer to have done that. The progressive bias of the NBC family is well documented.. This is a video I created back in 2009 when, the panelists on MSNBC reported on "white people" showing up at an Obama health care rally with guns strapped to their waste. Yeah about that.

We can't forget this little nugget from MSNBC's Ed Schultz in which he tried to imply that Rick Perry was a racist during his 2012 run.. Ed selectively cut off a point in Rick's speech in which he was referring to the national debt as being a big black cloud, again yeah about that.  It's bias like this it's no wonder why CNBC was the biggest loser of their own debate.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Can Donald Trump win over black Democratic voters?

It's been interesting listening to blacks  Democrats as of late come out in support of Donald Trump. I've been meaning to post the videos of Silk and Diamond for several weeks now, but I have been so incredibly busy, so I apologize for that. Silk and Diamond are two black sisters who are registered Democrats but who are also staunch supporters of Donald Trump and have become a sensation on youtube, I doubt so much a sensation with fellow Democrats. Silk and Diamond first made headlines for their attack on Fox News personalty Megyn Kelly for her performance during the first GOP debate in which Silk and Diamond as well as many other Trump supporters felt that she unfairly attacked Trump,

Eric Eirckson of RedState took exception to the remarks that Donald Trump made about Megyn Kelly seeming angry at him during the first debate. When Trump made a comment about Megyn looking so angry as if "blood was coming out of her eyes or whatever", people for some reason thought that Donald was saying that she was on her period thus making a sexist comment. This was a rare time in which liberals actually defended Megyn. Well Diamond & Silk weren't going to let the GOP establishment nor Democrats beat up on their man.

I remember back during the 2008 race, black Obama supporters accused the Clinton's of racism and racial overtones of their campaign especially leading up to the South Carolina  To this day Bill Clinton has yet to respond to the allegations that that were made by Mark Halperin and John Heilerman in their 2010 book Game Change in which Bill Clinton met with the late Senator Ted Kennedy trying to seek his support for Hillary. He told Ted "Come on Ted, a few years ago this guy would be "serving us coffee".  Though I despise Obama, even I questioned Bill's comment wondering why would a junior U.S Senator be serving them coffee.

Hillary didn't receive a high percentage of black voters in her primary run and 2016 won't be any different. Obama thankfully is on his way out the door, and Hillary nor Bill will be able to gin up blacks like Obama did. Furthermore, blacks who accused the Clintons of being racists won't vote for them anyways. This is not to say that they will vote for Trump or whoever the GOP candidate is, but it does mean that they won't vote for her. If Trump or whoever the GOP candidate ends up being is about to get 25% of black voter support, he or she will win the presidency. Only time will tell if that can be done.

Monday, October 05, 2015

The Umpqua Community College Massacre and the call for more inanimate object control by progressives.

Progressives loves using the term "gun violence" whenever they are pushing their gun control agenda. However the term is an oxymoron and doesn't make any sense. The definition of the word violence is "behavior involving psychical force intended to hurt, damage or kill someone or something". Notice the first word of the definition is "behavior". What gun nazi progressives are too slow on the uptake in comprehending is the one simple and undeniable fact is that violence is something that is committed by the forethought of human being not inanimate objects. Guns aren't human, thus by themselves are incapable of committing violence. The Umpqua Community College shooter Chris Harper Mercer committed violence against the students and facility of the school not the gun. Again progressives don't want to embrace the obvious, it just makes to much sense to do so, Mr Mercer planned out what he was going to do and unfortunately went through with his plan to kill.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Astroturf outrage, Is Trump responsible for what a supposed supporter said at a rally?

I know the establishment Republicans and the Democrats want to bring down Donald Trump, but is there latest attempt just an illustration of how desperate both sides are to do it? Apparently now it is the responsibility of Trump to denounce anything that a supporter says that "others don't find acceptable". Case in point, a person at a Donald Trump rally spoke on mic to Trump and referred to Obama as a Muslim.

Since Trump didn't "correct" the man, now we have this latest tabloid controversy to deal with. What really has the Democrats and the establishment Republicans fit to be tied is that Trump has claimed that it isn't his job to defend Obama.

Trump is absolutely 1,000% correct. It isn't his job to defend Obama against his supporter. This is why this whole incident is so laughable. When Kanye West claimed that George Bush didn't care about black people, did liberals denounce Kanye and "correct him"? Back in 2006, when Hillary Clinton was speaking at a black church in Harlem, she claimed that the Republican controlled congress was running the place "like a plantation" and she then preceded to say "you all know what I mean. Nobody on the left went after Clinton for trying to tongue and cheek claim that the Republicans were modern day slave owners. If Democrats and establishment Republicans are so hot and bothered over the remarks by this one man, why hasn't anyone tried to find him so that they can "correct him". The reason why this hasn't happened is, because this is like I said, a fake controversy. As far as anyone knows, the person who called Obama a Muslim could have been a plant for either one of the other Republican candidates or the Democrats. As for Obama being a Christian, I don't know that he is.His version of Christianity is not the one that I know of. So who really knows whether Obama is a Muslim, Christian or anything. His support for the baby butcher mill Planned Baby Parts and his overwhelming support for anything related to sodomy and sodomy marriage doesn't exactly validate Obama as a Christian. If I was Trump, I would say one thing in response that would have the left and the establishment fuming. I would simply say "If you want me to defend Obama as a Christian to my supporters fine, I will do that when all my critics  Democrat and Republican defend me to their supporters in stating  I am not a racist". That would shut them right up.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Freddy Gray's family to receive $6.4 million dollars from the city of Baltimore

Baltimore is a city run by really stupid people. Normally of course I always say that, but yesterday the wizards of smart who reside at 100 Holiday Street in downtown at City Hall really outdone themselves. The Mayor and the City Council in their what passes for "wisdom" decided to pay the family of the West Baltimore heroine dealer Freddie Gay who died in police custody $6.4 million dollars. Normally in the real word, a civil suit case follows the criminal case. I did say in the real word. The past few days starting last week have been aboiut preliminary  hearings by the judge hearing arguments from both the prosecution (Marilyn Mosby) and the attorneys for the six Baltimore police officers. I've been wondering why the city decided to settle with the Gray family's attorney Billy Murphy considering that (the  officers have yet to be found guilty of wrong doing). Talk about jumping the gun. The officers being able to get a fair trial in the city was a joke before the announcement of the settlement, now it's a gut busting laugh that they will be able to get a fair trial. People are going to wonder including potential jurors, did the city know something about the evidence regarding the six police officers? Is that's why they settled? The timing of this was just so odd. I was kicking this theory around yesterday when I heard the news about the settlement. Maybe just maybe, the city decided to let the public know about the $6.4 million dollar settlement so in case some or all the police officers on trial are found not guilty, the city can call for calm claiming that the Gray family received justice. when they settled with the city.

I don't blame the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police for being angry at the settlement especially in the timing of it. For the city to pay out that kind of money without not evening knowing what happened pretty much says that Baltimore's government officials believes the cops are guilty. So much for Mayor Blake having the backs of the Baltimore Police,it's more like her stabbing a knife in their backs. I said before that the reason for the rocketing murder rate in Baltimore is due to the police performing reactive policing instead of proactive. This unjustified settlement just proves why the cops don't trust the Stephanie Rawlings Blake and are not going to stick their necks out in doing their jobs.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

The black David Duke calls for the murder of whites

People know that I am not nor have I never been a fan of black churches. Many black churches seem to be heavy on the secular nonsense such as spewing from the pulpits about the secularism of social justice activism and are lite on the teaching of  Christianity itself. Black churches once upon a time was about teaching and upholding biblical doctrine, well that was then and this is now. I can't for the life of me understand how black churches who claim to represent Christ would ever invited a person like Louis Farrakhan to speak to their congregation. Louis Farrakhan who is the leader of the cult known as the Nation of Islam once said that Christianity is a gutter religion, yet black pastors invite this hate spewer to speak at their church. I can only imagine if a white pastor was to invite the likes of a David Duke or someone like him to address their congregation what the reaction would be and rightfully so, so why is it that blacks in the congregations where Farrakhan speaks denounce doesn't this black racists and his call for violence? Louis Farrakhan recently spoke at a Christian lite place known as Mt Zion Baptist, Mr Farrakhan had the people in the building in a frenzy spewing line after line of hate. Louis Farrakhan is really no different then the white supremacist mass murderer Dylan Roof, the only difference is that Dylan acted on his hatred of another race whereas Farrakhan wants other hapless fools to commits murders in the name of some grand cause for blacks.

What a godly man I know right?  With the on air execution of two white members of a local Virginia television station by an militant gay black person last week and the execution shooting of a white Texas Police officer days ago who was simply fueling his squad car, is the racist rhetoric of people like Farrakhan and others in the media the reason for the up tick of black on white  violence? Notice that the people like Farrakhan who advocate others killing for his wapred ideology  never do it themselves. They sit back and lets some other brainwashed fool throw away his or her life. Farrakhan spoke about needing ten thousands out of a million, why doesn't be lead by example and be one of those ten thousands. The answer is obvious to why he won't do his own bidding.