Monday, September 15, 2014

White & Black liberals, the biggest obstacle to race relatoins in America

I am 1,000% convinced of that. Just listen to the racial agigators both black and white who say the most insane, ridiculous and venomous remarks to flame racial tension. Most Americans just want to live in peace and focus on their own lives. Their top priorities is paying their mortgage,  rent, car note puttying food on the table etc.  Unfortunitely, there are other people who are too busy worrying about finding the "racial boogeyman". The racial boogey man is the invisible monster that goes around spreading racism everywhere it goes, and for some reason only progressives can see it. To them every word that is said against Obama must be of racial intent of course. If he's called a socialist, the joker. Community Organizer, they all must be "racial dog whistles" by the right. They never look at themselves as the true problem. Their collective heads are so far up their butts, they can't see, and they sure can't smell the obvious. For example, when have anyone ever hear liberals talk about racial unity and harmony? Never, have those words ever roll of the tongues of Sharpton and Jackson and people on MSNBC and CNN? Of course not, Obama's Attorney Gernera called Americans "cowards", when it comes to race. Feel the love right? There is a website called FCKH8.COM (I wonder what that could mean, sarcasm).. It is rying to make money off of the misguided anger of blacks caught up in the police involved shooting of Saint Michael Brown. Liberals tend to think they are so smart and witty, yet they truly do not have a clue to how stupid they come off sounding to rational thinking people. The investigatyion in the shooting of Saint Michael is on going, but according to these little kids age 5 to 13, white folks just don't get what racism is.

So we are to believe that a group of black children aged 5 to 13 knows more about racism then white adults? When I first saw this video, I just had this odd (what the hell did I just watch) look on my face. It was so absurd it made absolutely no sense. Kids being used  for propaganda isn't new, it should be considered child abuse though. That video reminded me of how Palestinians brainwash and exploit their kids to hate Jews and Israelis.

And don't forget folk that over at FCKH8.COM, the TShirt does little kids in the video who are not old enough to drive, drink, vote, smoke but are experts on racism are for sale!! Like any good progressive racial agitator, what good is causing racial tension if you can't make a profit off of it?

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Fast Food workers strike for $15 an hour but do not want to go out into the market place and earn it. Part 2

I decided to add a second part on this topic, because there were some other things I wanted to add that I didn't in part one that needed to be have been said. It's no secret that progressives need a villain in order justify their shortcomings in life. Taking personal responsibility is not an option. This is what this whole $15 dollars an hour mess is truly about. It's the underlying issue they don't want to address. The one thing the burger flippers and people who work at low paying jobs never want to talk about is that "they agreed to work for their employers knowing what the job would pay". The way they try to frame this is almost as if their employers did some sort of bait and switch on them, and they were shocked and angered , when they looked at their first paycheck. Burger flippers and any other employees are known as "at will employee". In other words, they are not slaves. They can end their employment anytime they want with their employer, and the employer has the same right to end the employment of an employee at anytime as well. So with that being said, there is nothing holding back burger flippers from seeking out jobs which pay more money right? Again with that  being said.

1.Why do they chose to accept jobs that are low pay but then later complain about pay they accepted?

2.  How is it their employer fault for them choosing to apply for the low paying job in the first place?

 3.What is stopping them from going out and finding a job that pays "a living wage"?

 They simply chose not to. People who are making $15 dollars an hour, $20, $50 dollars an hour or more obviously knew what they had to do in the marketplace to get paid their salary. It wasn't simply handed to them on a silver platter. The progressive malcontents don't want to do what others have done to earn a living wage.

1.Why do you think that skilled and highly skilled people don't work as burger flippers?

2. Why do you think these people will more then likely always have jobs paying them a "living wage"?

 Progressives have their logic on this issue all screwed up. Working hard at a dead end job isn't gong to lead to living wage. The goal should be for them to

"work hard at acquiring the skills necessary so they can be qualified to make a living wage"

 But I forgot, that requires dedication, sacrifice and hard work. In other words, it's all on the individual to achieve that. Can't blame the employers, Republicans, conservatives or the Tea Party for their life choices. My favorite talk show hosts is Dave Ramsey. He's a financial consultant and expert on helping people budget money and getting out of debt. He's an insanely down to earth person. He went on an epic rant a few months ago about who he calls "whopper floppers" wanting $15 an hour and why people are paid what they are paid which also includes CEO's and sports athletes. Highly recommend watching!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Fast Food workers strike for $15 an hour but do not want to go out into the market place and earn it.

You all may have noticed yesterday or maybe you didn't, but supposedly tens of thousands of fast food workers went on strike across the country demanding $15 dollars an hour. I didn't know that non union workers could strike, apparently they can, go figure.

These type of people really irk me. They really get under my skin for several reasons. These people who feel they should make $15 an hour for doing a job that requires basically zero skill to do are clueless, and they have zero concept of how economics and business works. These people's sheer ignorance explains how the unions are able to play these dim witted malcontents for perfect suckers. Union memberships are at an all time low in the United States. Without union members there are no union dues. Without union dues, there are no rich fat hog union bosses. As always follow the money. So one way for the unions to try and replenish their hemorrhaging ranks is to try to gain new members in other non traditional union sectors. So the food service unions are pumping this notion in the minds of fast food workers that they deserve to make $15 an hours. I am a free market capitalist, and I am a staunch supporter of the free market. This elementary concept is what drives the cost of labor,yet this ultra simplistic concept is one in which progressives have a hard time wrapping their minds around for some reason. The concept is this. "Supply vs Demand" is what determines how many people find jobs in the labor market, but it also determines how much they are worth in the labor market. Flipping a hamburger or making French fries isn't rocket science. It may sound harsh, but it's the truth. A person who works in a  restaurant on the other hand as a Chef makes good money. Why is that? It's because the Chef spent so many years in Culinary School learning the skill of preparing culinary dishes. His or her skill is marketable and is in demand by restaurant owners thus they are willing to pay the market rate or more for his or her skill and knowledge. A fast food worker doesn't have the skill that a Chef has thus that worker is not entitled to be on the same pay level as a Chef. It goes back to common sense, which these people clearly either do not have or are not exercising.  This is the mindset of liberalism as it pertains to business.


The one thing you'll notice by listening to liberals like her and others who think like her is that it's always the fault of the big, bad, greedy evil fast food restaurants . Of course the real problem is never them, nah. Typical liberalism, somebody or something else is always the bad guy "holding them back". In their convoluted minds it never occurs to them that they are the reason they are getting paid what they are. Here are three questions.

1. Why do people go to college?
2. Why do people go to learn a trade? 
2. Why do people start their own business?

All three questions have one common answer. They do it in order to "make more money". It's like duh!! So how come these malcontents who work at fast food restaurants haven't figured out what so many others already  know? This comes down to the progressive principal of "wanting something for nothing"..

They want to make close to $30,000 a year, but do not want to apply themselves in the market place to legitimately earn it.

That's what it comes down to. Why should they be close to earning on par what  Secretaries, Dental Assistants, Financial Clerks, Construction Workers, Bus Drivers etc make? All the professionals I mentioned requires the applicant to have a certain skill set for the job. As the unions are leading these poor souls by their noses down the road of the illusion that they will make $15 an hour doing  a minimum wage job, they better be careful, because this is what's ultimately waiting for them at the end of road if they chose to continue to stay on it.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bare witness to the rise of Saint Michael

The theatrics of the Michael Brown funeral rally is over. This funeral couldn't have been better scripted if it came from Hollywood. Based on the convenience store video, Michael Brown was clearly not some innocent kid skipping home thinking about the first day of school, no. He was a thief and he assaulted the owner of the store when confronted about stealing some swisher sweet cigars, which are used to make marijuana blunts.

At Brown's funeral however, Michael the violent thug and thief was miraculously cleansed and elevated to that of "Saint Michael". Who was Saint Michael you ask?. Well let me explain. According to his friends and family "

Michael was a big guy, but he was a "kind and gentle soul", and before he left this earth. the day he was killed, he was out

"spreading the word of Jesus Christ" .

The scripture goes that Saint Michael was walking along spreading the word of Jesus Christ, when the devil  possessed the store owner and tempted Saint Michael to go into the convenience store with his disciples and steal some swisher sweets cigars. However, one of the ten commandments is "thou shall not steal". This was in essence "The Last Temptation of Saint Michael". Saint Michael was able to overcome the temptation of the devil, and he laid his hands on the store owner jacking him up and yelled DEMON BEGONE!!! He thought he exercised out the demon so he was walking out the store,  when he sensed the demon reappear, so he flinched back at the demon and said to the demon "DON'T MAKE ME HAVE TO EXERCISE YOU AGAIN"! Saint Michael still didn't realize that he was in possession of the cigars though. The devil wasn't finished however. He hoped out of the store owner and into the white cop Darren Wilson. Officer Wilson confronted Saint Michael as he was walking down the street with his disciples. Saint Michael put his hands up and said that his purpose was to spread the word of Jesus Christ and he wouldn't be stopped. That is why the devil who controlled Officer Wilson shot the peaceful giant. Testify to the Miracles of the gentle giant!

Saint Michael's Uncle and false prophet pastor  Charles Ewing of the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church compared Saint Michael's death to that of Jesus Christ. Well let's see. Michael Brown was buried on Monday. He should have risen from the dead on Thursday but that didn't happened. Nothing worse then deceptive comparisons. Though he did for a moment made some swisher sweets cigars disappear as a miracle and he did exercise the demons out of the store owner. He's still not even close to being in the league with Jesus Christ however. Saint Michael's Uncle stated that "Michael Brown's blood is crying from the ground, crying for vengeance crying for justice".

I find that statement kind of odd coming from a supposed Pastor. Those who are Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for the sins of mankind. Jesus didn't ask for vengeance nor justice in his death. I guess the good pastor and disciples of Saint Michael forget those details. Furthermore, blood is liquid, Liquid can't cry it can be shed, but it can't cry. A soul can cry though. One would think a Pastor would again know the difference. Some believe that Saint Michael is really that of a higher power, just ask Sarah Kinney Gaventa who "preaches" at the Saint Paul Episcopal Church in Ivy Virginia. According to her, Michael Brown is Jesus Christ.

"He became Michael Brown. He became the victim of our sin, so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice each other any more. His sacrifice should have been the last. His sacrifice was enough for us.”

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Some helpful tips to help young black males to stay out of trouble with the police.

Since young blacks especially young males believe they are experiencing problems with their local law enforcement agency aka  50, popo, The Heat etc here are some simple tips presented by Chris Rock as a public and comedic courtesy which should help to go a very long way in helping black experience fewer encounters with their local law enforcement. The first rule
"Obey the Law" is roughly 90% of the solution that will contribute greatly to them not having a problem with the police future.

Just use common sense!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The black community and the art of "Misdirecton".

Misdirection  " is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another".

 Some black folks get it while many others are just shy of being labeled as weapon's grade stupid and never will get it. Michael Browns death however tragic for his family and friends is an external distraction for blacks to not focus on their real problems, misdirection. The total for young blacks who were killed in just Chicago alone over the past decade exceeds over 5,000. Here in Baltimore, over 220 blacks on average are killed each year. I get sick and tired of listening to excuse makers who try to down play the murder rate when it's black on black yet do everything possible to over exaggerated when "a shooting" is white on black mainly in a law enforcement incident. Here's a statistic I would like to get a hold of. If someone has this information  please let me know. I would definitely appreciate it.I would like to know how many black children have been killed by law enforcement. I know in the cases of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, their supporters tried to present them as innocent "children" who were gunned down in cold blood by racist whites. When I mean child, I am talking about a person under 12 years old. I would also like to know how many black children 12 years old or younger have been killed by other blacks over the past decade.  Would it be premature to claim that a young black child's life is far more likely to come to a tragic and violent end at the barrel of a gun being held by a young black male as opposed to law enforcement? Chicago is a dangerous place to be if you are black. It's like being a Christian living living in Iraq. It's that bad and then some.  I believe the statistic would support that overwhelmingly. I came across a story that really got to me and made me pause. Black mothers are good at using their kids to hold up protest signs,when a cop is involved in a shooting of a black young adult, but those signs appear to be absent when a young black child is shot and killed by another black. A 9 year old Chicago boy Antonio Smth was shot several times and died  in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood yesterday. No suspects have been arrested. I'm sure the no justice no peace rallies demanding Antonio's Smith's killer is brought to justice. (sarcasm) A violent thug's death in Fugerson is more important of course. Well actually it's not, it's just the race of the shooter that mater silly me. I hope they do find the killer of Antonio Smith,

Here in Baltimore  two weeks ago, a 3 year old  black girl McKenzie Elliott was shot and killed as she sat on the steps of her house on York Road in North Baltimore.

Two black males got into a shootout , and one of the bullets hit McKenzie. I will give the Police Commissioner Anthony Bates and Mayor Stephaine Rawling Blake credit for stepping up and speaking out on this murder. However, this was not news worthy to go national of course for "obvious reasons".Well at least the Waverly Community dedicated their annual night out in her honor.  Local radio talk show host Clarance Mitchel the 4th which we all call him C4 asked the question which made perfect sense. Idiots here in Baltimore held a rally downtown in honor of Michael Brown in Fugerson Missouri, yet there was no rally calling for justice for McKenzie Elliott. I called in basically calling these blacks  misguided hypocrites. If the country ever becomes a police state in which martial law is the rule of the land, then blacks would have something to have a grievance about. Until then, they should focus on the real problems face them, and it's in the mirror and in their community, and they are holding guns.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Occupy Fergurson is nothing even remotely similar to the 1960's Civil Rights movement.

A difference between night and day. 

When I look at the ghetto trash stinking up Fergurson, I just laugh when foolish blacks dare to compare this open display of destruction, looting and anarchy to the peaceful, dignified civil rights protest by blacks of the 1960's. There is no compassion. What's going on in Fergurson Missouri is pure chaos. If anything, Fergurson has become the new home for the reincarnation of the Occupy movement. What's going on in Fergurson has far more to do with the race agitators, anarchists,  vandals and looters then it does about supposedly wanting justice for Michael Brown. I doubt that blacks mainly young blacks have no idea how bad they are appearing to the rest of the nation in how they are carrying on in Fergurson. I would love to see a national poll conducted gauging how the nation is viewing what's going on in Fergurson Missouri as either positive or negative. The Occupy movement started out positive for minute also . People supported their original cause of bring attention to the greed and abuse of Wall Street and the financial system, but after awhile, they lost focus of what they were doing, and their movement became a breeding ground of crime, drug use, vandalism, theft and violence. When they lost the support of the public, they quickly fell apart completely and disappeared. What's going on in Fergurson is no different. People across the county are asking themselves, why are these people acting like animals. They aren't sure what vandalizing and looting stores have to do with seeking justice for Michael Brown. Tthey would be correct in asking that question. Both have nothing in common. These people are acting out in self interest only, it has nothing to do with Michael Brown. Here's a question to ponder. How can all of these malcontents be rioting, looting and vandalizing on a nightly basis yet still hold down a job? Oh wait, is it strongly possible that none of them have jobs the reason they can be doing what they are doing in Fergurson? Fox News interviewed one of the these fine upstanding and concerned protesters in Fergurson. The dignity and class of  the black generation from the civil rights era is definitely not present in this generation of blacks.

From the dignified generation to the ghetto acting generation. Acts like this are truly helping to bring attention to Michael Brown's death right?

MSNBC in it's coverage has shown it's sympathetic in favor of Michael Brown, but even they aren't immune to the wrath of the mob. Just ask Chris Hayes and his cameraman. Ironic that the animals are attacking their ally. Throwing stones at Chris Hayes and his cameraman helps to bring attention to Michael Brown's death how again?