Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Donald vs the RINO establishment

To say that the Republican establishment is desperate to stop Donald Trump is a HUGE understatement. In an odd way, Donald Trump has been playing the role as a filter in helping to separate out the true conservative candidates from the Republican establishment candidates posing as conservatives. The Republican Party has become the stuck on stupid party in recent years. They seem to care more about what the media and Democrats say then what their own supporters have to say. I had a feeling that the fake controversy over Donald Trump's comments about John McCain wasn't going to impact Trump's poll numbers, and I was right. For starters, conservatives (including active military and veterans) have no love lost for John McCain, so when the Republican establishment candidates such as Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham etc attacked Trump, their plan to use McCain's service to take down Trump backfired. Not only did it backfire, but Trump's poll numbers have increased further post his McCain military service comments. If the other GOP candidates who are attacking Trump had any sense, they would be spending more time trying to figure out why Trump is resonating with the base and less time attacking him.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The crucifixion of Donald J Trump

 I thought what the progressive fascists did to Sarah Palin could never be topped, but I stand corrected and I'm not the least bit surprised. Democrat fascists and the Republican establishment have been in a full on seek and destroy mission of Donald Trump for daring to commit the cardinal sin of telling the truth about illegal aliens. What the corporations who have dumped their business connections with Donald Trump have shown to the nation is that they are more beholden to the likes of La Raza and the CASA then they are to Americans.To Trump's credit, he is still trucking on defiant as ever. That  by itself is a reason why he has shot up in the polls. People are sick and tired of the wishy washy pandering  apologetic politicians. In other words, they are sick of political puppets. It's amazing that illegals can speak out about Trump and not be deported, yet if you tell the truth about rapists and murders from Mexico coming into the country, you are shunned, mocked and ridiculed as if you are a freak of nature. The one thing that the corporate flunkies in the Republican Party nor the fascists in the Democratic Party can't say about Donald Trump is that he wasn't factually honest in what he said.   The Democans and Republicrats don't want to offend their precious law breakers. The stupidity in this country these days burns hotter then a California wild fire.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The modern day civil war against the Confederate Flag

I am neither a supporter nor a hater of the Confederate flag, but I am amazed at the knee jerk reactions of people Republican and Democrat who are calling for it's removal since the mass shooting at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. The Confederate flag became scapegoat enemy number one merely, because the shooter Dylan Roof was seen in a picture holding the flag. I truly believe all of this is nothing more then a distraction, because the Confederate flag wasn't the cause of what happened in Charleston. If Dylan Roof was seen in the picture holding an American Flag instead, would there still be this knee jerk frantic action to call for it's removal also? I've heard the argument by some who claim that the Confederate flag is a symbol of "racism and division", however there are just as many people in America especially on the left who would say the exact same thing and have about the American Flag. I believe the issue for the Confederate flag's removal should be left exclusively to the people who live in the states where the flag flies at the state houses and public buildings.

I'm not the only black person who see this so called controversy as a distraction.
Thankfully other blacks are smart enough to realize that whether the the flag flies or not has no impact on their lives nor address the real internal issues facing the black community.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pure unspeakable evil strikes and kill 9 people in Charleston South Carolina Church.

I was up late, and I decided to check out the Drudge Report just to see what was happening. At first I thought I was misreading the red headline banner, but unfortunately it was correct. Nine black church goers were killed in an historic church in Charleston South Carolina.  A survivor reported white male in his 20's entered the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston and opened fire on the people who were in the church for a prayer meeting. The gunman fled the scene. The Charleston Police has labeled this horrific act as a "hate crime".  The pastor of the church Clementa Pinckney who is also a South Carolina state senator  is missing.  The investigation has just started, and a huge manhunt is underway for the suspect. This could be a racially motivated massacre, but we will have to wait and see. I have been reading comments by fools already trying to claim that the shooter is a member of the NRA. I'm sure by sunrise, the shooter who nobody knows yet will be labeled as a "tea party, right wing Republican who wears an I love Fox News Tshirt" again without no facts. Look or grandstanding progressives to immediately call for "gun control" legislation in wake of this event.  I've been reading mindless stuff from both black and white racists who have been calling for a "race war" in America for years. The only people who would even entertain being involved in such nonsense are the most fringe elements of either race.Obama is going to comment on this tragedy and for once he should based on scope of what actually happened. I just have zero confidence in him that he will even come close to saying the right thing in order to  calm any racial tensions that might have arisen over this and ask for a wait and see on what happened.

 Since this is a late breaking story, I will have more to say on this horrific act that is basically terrorism in Charleston. Thankfully South Carolina has the death penalty and hopefully it will be put to use, when this person is caught.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Spokane Washington's NAACP leader Rachael Dolezal was black before she was white or is that vice versa?

Jeepers Scobby!! The mystery of the racial identity of the Spokane Washington's NAACP President Rachael Dolezal has been solved!! Rachael Dolezal would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those darn meddling kids or in her case her parents.

Many on the right have said for decades that liberalism is a mental disorder, and I guess that would include the disease of  progressive "white guilt". Ms Dolezal once said back in 2010 that "She could not imagine "showing her face" at at tea party event", she continued "to her what stands out is the "all white crowds"!! So a mentally screwed up white woman trying to pose as being black would have been nervous going to an event she perceived as being all white? With liberals, the truth seems to always be stranger then fiction. I've documented the lunacy and sheer insanity of these people for a long time, but this takes the cake and the pie!! I suppose if Rachael Dolezal ever did attend a tea party event as "herself", she could be said  to be going maybe "incognegro". So will the Spokane Washington NAACP be renamed as the NAAWWPAB short for the National Association for the Advancement of White Women Posing As Black? I wouldn't be surprised if Rachael's biological parents who are both white are attacked by liberals for ratting her out and stating that she is indeed white. Let's face it, in the whacked out progressive fantasy land known as their warped reality, logic doesn't have to make sense, it just matters what feels good to them or what they can identify as even though they are not.

In the world of progressive logic, it would stand to reason that Ms. Dolezal will keep her job as the Spokane's NAACP leader, because the NAACP board and other progressives would claim that "her heart was in the right place", her obvious mental illness won't even play a factor.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

White Beach goers are ground zero for black people being killed, who knew?!

I've been  meaning to post this story over the Memorial Day weekend. The stupidity factor of the people involved was screaming for me to post this. There is no denying that black lives truly do not matter. Just ask the number one undisputed cause of black homicides in America. That would be young black males. The truth can hurt, but it's still the truth. I would like to know what element  is more deadlier to the black community, a) high blood pressure, b) diabetes or c) armed young black males. When I find out the answer I will be sure to let everybody know, because I am truly curious about the answer myself. Anyways, on Memorial Day Weekend in Coney Island New York a group of protesters decided to storm the beach in order to make a rather bizarre and utterly stupid statement to beach goers. "Stop Killing Black People"

I've said for a long time now that progressives are truly dopey people who haven't gotten the message. These days it would seem that the Westborro Baptist Church has some serious competition in the category of most clueless and deranged protesters. If a survey was taken by the beach goers the day these misfit protesters decided to show up and make fools of themselves whether or not any of the white people have ever killed any black person, it would be a very good chance that the survey would come back blank. Now of course I or anyone would be frowned upon for daring to ask the very obvious question, "Why don't blacks use that banner in the areas where blacks are actually dying, which would be in black inner city neighborhoods. Nah, that would make too much sense for them to do the obvious and actually address the true issue. That banner is sorely needed here in Baltimore but it will  never arrive or obvious reasons.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Baltimorons got what they wanted, but now it's not what they wanted?

Fewer blacks are being arrested here in Baltimore (the criminal ones). In some instances, the Baltimore Police have been reported to have simply be driving by even as crimes are happening right in front of them. It's the new unofficial era of "reactive policing" or what I like to call police "police self preservation". The drug dealers and the gangs are responsible and have been responsible for black lives not mattering in this city for decades. Now more then ever is that obvious truth being proven in blood. This month of May isn't even finished, yet 40 people have been killed in Baltimore making this the second most deadliest month in the city on record. As the Baltimore City Police have gone into reactive policing, arrests are down by over 50%. The problem with that drop in arrests is that the murderers aren't being arrested, so they are free to make Baltimore their personal shooting gallery. Just the other day in Southwest Baltimore a 32 year old mother and her 7 year old son were shot in the head execution style.

No rallies or calls for justice have been heard for the lives of this mother and her son or any of the other victims who have been killed since the National Guard pulled out of Baltimore City. I thought "black lives were suppose to matter" or something along those lines.

In certain parts of Baltimore it has become the Wild West. Criminals know that they have the upper hand  knowing that cops are afraid to do their jobs, because the residents will surround them and film the cops trying to do their job in removing the murderous elements from their neighborhoods. Well now those elements aren't being arrested, because the morons and liberal politicians thought that those being arrested were simply innocent black men who were being  harassed by the cops, well now they are learning otherwise the hard way, that wasn't the case, and their stupidity is coming home to roost for the entire nation to see.