Monday, May 31, 2010

The word for today is RESPECT.

The word for today is "RESPECT".

A sad excuse for a Commander In Chief.

Barack Obama will not be in attending the the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery for which has been tradition for acting Presidents aka Commanders In Chiefs. Barack will be doing something more important that warrants breaking tradition  by honoring those who have giving their lives for our country. He will be on vacation in Chicago instead. I feel sorry for our soldiers that they have a man like Obama as their Commander In Chief. That alone is enough to deflate the moral of the troops. Vice President Joe Biden is suppose to be standing in for Obama at Arlington. I have nothing personal against Joe, but it isn't the same. Biden isn't the President hence he isn't the current Commander In Chief of the United States military. Barack claimed during his campaign that he was going to "earn the respect of the military". Maybe people forgot he said that. He's said so many lies, it's hard to keep track of them all. He's been more beholden to gay advocates in repealing "don't ask don't tell" then even asking those who risk their lives in wearing the uniform how they feel about the issue. Last year, Obama skipped visiting the fallen heroes laid to rest in Normandy France. Obama was afraid of "offending Germany and Britain". So as you all can see, Obama's snub of the fallen at Arlington isn't an "isolated" incident. It is a disturbing trend. Obama will be coming back from his vacation to honor Paul McCartney at a concert at the White House however. The old saying about respect is that it is "earned" and not "given". Can it really be said that Barack Obama has "earned" the respect of the military by his actions?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Has Chris Matthews finally lost that "special tingle" for Obama?

If someone would have told me that Chris Matthews would have fallen out of love with his chocolate man crush Barack Obama a few months ago, I would have said that person was nuts. From the very beginning Mr. Tingles has been one of Obama's most loyal and fierce supporters. He even vowed to do everything in his power to make Obama's presidency a success.

Chris has attacked everybody who has taken issue with Obama. Since very few people even watch MSNBC, his staunch defense of Barry has pretty much gone unnoticed by those on the right. People say that love is color blnd, and I suppose that could be said for Matthews crush for Obama at a particular moment in time or at least for an hour.

Could Matthew's feelings for his chocolate stud muffin be changing? Chris had some not so flattering words for Obama today over his lukewarm response to the oil spill in the gulf.

Obama appears to have forgotten one of the golden rules of liberalism. Barry forgot that support among his base will turn on him if he ignores their most cherished causes. In this case, that would be the environment. Chris even said it himself. Obama's weak response to the gull spill has other once loyal liberals openly questioning Barry's judgment. This is long time Democrat strategist and all around funny guy James Carville taking Obama to task as well over his weak response to the gulf oil spill.

Dare I say that the Obama tingle is slowly but surely starting to disappear even among his once loyal supporters?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rand Paul, Rachael Madcow and the fake outrage Part 2

For some odd reason, some Republicans and some called conservatives have an overwhelming desire to reach out to the liberal infested media. When they do reach out to the media, they tend to become unknowing pawns to liberals in which they use them to attack Republicans and conservatives. The phrase "useful idiots" best describe these folks. I don't really care about what Rand Paul said on Rachael Madcow's show. Rand isn't a racist. Rand may be very intelligent when it comes to understanding the constitution and the Federal Reserve, but he isn't very smart when it comes to knowing who his enemies are. It was beyond stupid for Rand to accept Rachael Madcow's invitation to be a guest on her show last week. First off, there was nothing for him to gain by appearing on her show. MSNBC is in a long distant second place competing against Fox News, and Greta Von Susteren consistently destroys Rachel Madcow on a nightly basis in the 10pm time slot match up.. The audience that still watches MSNBC tends to be very liberal in nature, so Rand wasn't going to "convert" any of those tin foilers by appearing on her show. Also Rand was foolish not to have been aware the agenda of Rachael Madcow and MSNBC as it pertains to the Tea Party movement. MSNBC has been one of the main media outlets that has been trying desperately to discredit and smear the Tea Party activist movement since it's start last year. I've commented in detail on several occasions about MSNBC purposely hiding the racial idenity of a gentlemen in Arizona who cared an assault riffle to a Barack Obama Health Care Summit.

The MSNBC cameraman knew exactly what he was doing by hiding the idenity of the gentlemen with the riffle. MSNBC is a text book illustration of what "activist journalism" is all about

Anyone who is politically astute knows that MSNBC does not like the Tea Party movement. They despise it with a loathing. I truly question Rand Paul's lack of common sense in him not knowing that he was basically being set up by Rachael Madcow in the first place. This is what Rachael Madcow had to say about Tom Tancredo and the Tea Party folks back in February of this year.

In this video, Rachael purposely smeared Tom Tancredo as being "anti immigrant" thus implying that he is against not only illegal immigration but legal as well. Tom isn't against legal immigration only illegal immigration. This video shows the type of manipulative person Rachael Madcow is. If I was an adviser to Rand Paul a few weeks agao, and he told me about the invitation , I would have told him to "NOT" appear on Rachael's show at any cost. I would have told Rand that Rachael "WASN'T" going to try and talk about current events with him. She was going to use his libertarian ideology against him to smear him as a Tea Part racist. Since the Tea Party overwhelmingly backed Rand Paul, it is only logical that MSNBC as well as the rest of the media has a huge bull eye on Rand's forehead after he won his primary race in Kentucky. In essence, Rand Paul has been "Palinized" by the media. Palinized is the term to describe what happens to a Republican, when the media wants to destroy him or her at any cost. Just ask Sarah Palin about that. Maybe Rand didn't understand that the media especially MSNBC has it out for him, but now he knows how the liberal media game is played. Some lessons are learned the hard way. If anything, Rand could have taken a cue from D. L Hughley's useful idiot who is also known as the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on what not to do. The left can't stand the ground Rush Limbaugh walks on. Now if I was Michael Steele a year ago, would I have accepted an invitation by D.L Hughley of CNN to be interviewed on his show? The answer of course would be "NO"! I would have known that the only reason D.L Hughley would invite me on his show forty eight hours after Rush Limbaugh gave the keynote speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference is to try and sucker me into attacking Limbaugh. As I said, I wouldn't have taken the bait, because unlike Steele and Paul and others on the right, I know my enemies and I know how they think. In closing, here's Chris Mathews calling out Republicans to "denounce" Rush Limbaugh. The left is always looking for gullible useful idiots on the right. Thankfully, no Republican has yet to take Matthew's bait.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rand Paul, Rachael Madcow and the fake outrage Part 1

I decided to wait a few days before commenting on this "shockingly overinflated story" for a reason. I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to watch the video of Rand Paul on Madcow's show. I've been hearing liberals over the last few days trying to label Rand Paul as a racist because his comments on MSNBC'S Rachael Madcow's show. Well after watching the video of his appearance on Madcow's show, I have concluded that the left has yet again, took what a Republican said out of context and is amplifying it in an attempt to tar and feather Rand with the racist label. I know liberals are for the most part not the brightest bulbs in the drawer. Who could have interrupted what Rand said as and interruption that he wanted to repeal the 1964 Civil Rights Act if he was in congress when it was drafted? In his so called interview with Madcow, he even said that he supported 9 out the 10 provisions within the Civil Rights Act. As usual, the left isn't mentioning that part of the interview. It wouldn't gel with their attack and smear campaign against him. Rand was discussing the 1964 Civil Rights Law from a "libertarian" prospective NOT from a "racist" prospective. That is what has been lost in the translation by the left on purpose. I find the fake outrage humorous bordering absurd. I truly wonder do these people actually expect to be taken seriously? The left is calling Rand Paul a racist, yet they conveniently ignore the historic fact that it was the current Democratic Senator from West Virginia Robert Byrd would led a record 83 day filibuster in 1964 in an attempt to kill the Civil Right Act all together. Once again, liberals aren't going to bring that up either. The late Barry Goldwater was another Republican libertarian who was branded as a racist. Barry didn't support the 1964 Civil Rights Act not because he was a racist. He supported the bill on moral grounds, but he believed that the states should have been the ones to implement the act. He didn't support the act on libertarian grounds. That is also one reason why liberals try to stain the term "state rights" as a seeded racist terminology even though it's not. It didn't matter that  Barry Goldwater was the co founder of the Arizona chapter of the NAACP. The left didn't care that Barry wasn't a racist. All they cared about was that he didn't support the federal bill regardless of the reason, and they used that as a weapon to tar and feather him as a racist even though he was not.  The 2:16 minute mark in this video says all that needs to be said about where Rand Paul stand on racism.

I'll go into detail why Rand was beyond stupid for even going on Rachel Madcow's show in first place in part 2.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Governor Jane Brewer "schools" liberals on the importance of "reading" before "reacting".

Governor Jane Brewer of Arizona has done it again. So many on the left have commented on how "racist, bigoted" the Arizona law is, yet they haven't read one page of the 10 page bill. This remind me a lot of how liberals trashed Sarah Palin's book on before the book was even released!! As with everything pertaining to the left, it comes down to emotion over facts. Leave it to Governor Brewer to school liberals on the importance of actually reading the bill before commenting on it. Reading is fun! It's amazing that people on the left are actually wasting time and effort boycotting against something without having fact one to justify the boycott in the first place. I did say many times before that liberal logic is an oxymoron.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sarah Palin speaks out on Felipe Calderon's hypocritical immigration policy in Mexico.

I hate having my intelligence insulted by people who try and pass insanity and absurd stupidity as logic. This is an example of what I mean. The Mexican President Felipe Calderon spoke at the White House yesterday. He expressed his concern and displeasure for the new Arizona Illegal Enforcement Law. It is clear the Mexican government sees our government and a certain percentage of our population as being nothing more then a bunch of "gullible dumb gringos". "Firm rejection to criminalize migration"? How is it possible that Mr. Calderon can get on his sanctimonious high horse and thumb his nose at Arizona's new law, yet he doesn't criticize his country's own illegal immigration law which is way tougher then the one in Arizona? His country "criminalizes migration of people entering into Mexico. So I suppose that our country is just suppose to destroy itself culturally and economically just for the sake of showing how "open minded" we are? Oh yeah, I'm really feeling the common sense in that. The media would never challenge Felipe Calderon in his hypocritical stance on illegal immigration, because the media is sympathetic to an open border policy to begin with. George Bush and Barack Obama are carbon copies of each other on the issue of illegal immigration. This is one reason why I could never figure out why liberals hated Bush so much seeing that he was a big advocate of amnesty for illegals just like they are. The old saying goes that a sucker is born every second. We do have more then our fair share of suckers in our country. That is why people like Felipe Calderon can speak out on American soil the way he does. If I was the President, there would be no way in hell Calderon would criticize Arizona's law in my presence, because I would be very quick to bring up his border policy with South America and Mexico's immigration policy in general. That is why I always say that appeasers are very dangerous people. In their hearts, they believe they are doing well, but they rarely realize how their enemies play them for the useful idiot gringos that they are. I know Felipe Calderon and Vincente Fox know exactly what I mean. This is Sarah Palin on the Fox Business Network discussing with the host about Felipe's disdain for the Arizonian law.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Governor Sarah Palin and Governor Jane Brewer set the record straight on Arizona's Illegal Immigration law.

Sarah Palin was in Arizona yesterday to give support to Governor Jane Brewer and to expose the critics of the new Arizona Illegal Immigration Enforcement law as people who are reacting off of emotion and not fact. This is why Sarah Palin and Jane Brewer have more credibility on this issue then Barack Obama, Eric Holder and their puppies in the media and other open border supporters. Sarah was a governor and Jane is a governor. Barack Obama was never a governor. I've noticed that the liberal pundits and the liberal chattering class can't explain why the nation supports the Arizona law. It would be extremely interesting to witness a national debate between Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on the issue of Illegal Immigration. For a person who is heralded as being a dunce by the left, Sarah seems to be very sharp on understanding the impact that Illegal Immigration has on a state and it's people.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

This is an ad that was paid for by Governor Brewer. She's a part of an organization called "Secure the Border". I respect Ms. Brewer for going on the offensive in communicating the facts that the media refuses to do for obvious reasons.. This ad is very powerful, because it is factual and really can't be disputed by the open border crowd.

Newsweek last year created a cover page for their magazine with the title saying "We all are socialists now". That of course is a much of a lie then anything a liberal could say. With the majority of Americans supporting Governor Brewer's new Illegal Immigration Enforcement law, it's more like "We are all Arizonians now" instead, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Stand in support of Arizona and boycott the city of Los Angeles.

I stated before that I support Arizona Governor Jane Brewer and Arizona Legislators for doing their job and looking out for the well being of their citizens in passing this much needed illegal immigration law. Of course the left only cares about the illegal lawbreakers and how the new law will impact them. Since Governor Brewer signed the illegal immigration bill into law, illegal immigration advocates have been foaming at the mouth non stop. Not only has the left been foaming in outrage over the new law, they are also stunned that the majority of Americans support the new illegal alien law in Arizona. According to the Pew Research Poll "Seventy-three percent said they backed a measure requiring people to produce documents verifying their legal status if police ask for them, while 67 percent approve of allowing police to detain anyone who cannot verify that they are in the country legally". So it appears that once again Barack Obama & Company are at odds with the majority of the American people on yet another important issue. That's actually nothing new nor a big surprise. I found it funny that the Los Angeles City Council voted yesterday 13-1in favor of calling for a boycott of Arizona and is considering withdrawing over eight million dollars worth of contracts with the state of Arizona.

Of course the open border sanctuary crowd in Los Angeles is upset over what Arizona did. As I said before, liberals care more about maintaining the problems that face America rather then actually solving them. The only way liberals will stop acting out is when they are told to "sit down and shut up". Maybe Los Angeles should get a taste of it's own medicine with a national boycott against them. In many ways, a national boycott of Los Angeles makes perfect sense. It will show these self righteous dim wits who make up the Los Angeles government and their supporters that they do not represent the will of mainstream America. Seeing that the state of California is for a lack of better words "broke", Los Angeles really doesn't have much leverage in being able to financially impact Arizona. Maybe the nation should protest bailing out the state of California. Since Los Angeles prides itself like San Francisco in being a "sanctuary city", why don't the mayor of Los Angeles just ask all the illegals in Arizona to "migrate" to Los Angeles instead? That would definitely fix the problem I think. Funny though, the mayor isn't exactly putting out the word nor the red carpet for them to come to his city. They just want to grand stand instead. Personally, I say to hell with Los Angeles and other cities that share their insane mindset of looking out for criminals of other countries rather then protecting legal, law bidding citizens of their own country.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

A possible reason why Barry has been hands off in dealing with BP over the oil spill.

I was just thinking about this topic in detail today. If a Republican was the president while the oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, the environmental and wildlife groups like the Sierra Club & Green Peace would have been vocally attacking the President for not doing enough to help stop the spill or they would be accusing the president of "being in bed" with the oil companies and looking the other way. I normally tend to follow up on my hunches, because my hunches tend to be on the money most of the time. It puzzled me why Barry waited six days before he even said anything on the matter of the spill, Even the Old Grey Lady New York Slimes wondered the same thing. I believe I now know why BP has yet to feel Obama's furry. It isn't because, "he believed BP had contained the problem". It's because Barry has been "sleeping with big oil" so to speak. Oh yeah, the media didn't report this to the masses did they? When British Petroleum was doling out the cash to candidates to look out for their best interests, Barry was BP's biggest recipient of campaign cash. Good luck in waiting for Katie Couric, Matt Lauer and the rest in the media to report this not so hidden revelation. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC. I know what the excuse by Obama's loyal cultists will be. They will say that he only received $77,000 and that is nothing big. It's not big monetary wise in the grand scheme of things, but the reality of the situation is that Barack received money from big oil while playing to his base in demonizing big oil. Looking at the the non existent response of the environmental groups, I have to conclude that they aren't making an issue out of what could be the worst environmental disaster since the Exxon Valdez, because the person in the White House has a "D" besides his politica affliation instead of a "R". I've said a long time ago that these so called activist groups are hypocrites to their core and they are so incredibly disingenuous.

Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 07, 2010

MSNBC "News" Anchor Contessa Brewer demostrates why most people have good reason to no longer trust the media.

Fox News is dominate for a reason. Viewers trust their content. Liberals haven't figured that out and probably never will. The news content that is aired by Fox News is just straight up news. There is no political or ideological bent in their reporting. The Fox News haters assume that the network is conservative based on their "New Commentators" like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill OReily. Compare Fox News to MSNBC and CNN. MSNBC has a severe credibility problem as do CNN. That is why Fox News is the most trusted name in cable news. I've commented many times on the sheer left wing bias of MSNBC in their news reporting. MSNBC's anchor Contessa Brewer was on the Stephanie Miller show Tuesday and was upset to the point of being disappointed when she discovered that the Time Square bomber was a Muslim Extremist and not a Timothy McVeigh wannabe.

How can anyone trust what Contessa Brewers reports as an anchor after listening to her own words? Obviously Contessa wants to remain living in Politically Correct fantasy land when it comes to how real a threat radical Islam truly is. I've notice that every time a Muslim not job acts out, liberals are right there to make excuses for them. Contessa showed her naive ignorance when she claimed "I mean the thing is is that and I get frustrated and there was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country because there are a lot of people who want to use this terrorist intent to justify writing off people who believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or whose skin color is a certain way. I mean they use it as justification for really outdated bigotry".

Of course it never dawned on Ms. Brewers mind for a second to reflect on bigotry that Muslim Extremists show towards Americans and Westerns in general. Contessa would never challenge the "outdated bigotry" of Muslim nut cases who are still hell bent on destroying this country by any means possible. The acts committed by Muslims over the past 1000 years are not isolated incidents. I wouldn't expect an idiotic dim bulb such as Contessa Brewer to understand that. I bring up this clip of Ann Coulter when she spoke at John Hopkins University for a reason. Some people clearly understand the danger that is in our country and others believe the "real threat" are from little old ladies who attend Tea Parties. Start the video at the 1:55 mark and by pass the liberal kookiness.

Tell me between the two, who has better grip on reality? My money is clearly on Ann Coulter. I found it interesting that Contessa wanted to try and make the case for the attempted terrorist act by Faisal Shahzad an issue about race. Well to my knowledge, I can't recall one single terrorist attempt by the Hindu American population or the global Hindu population in general. Even though Hindu is a religion and not a skin color, Hinduism is a religion that is mostly practiced by Indian people who tend to be "dark skinned", nice try Contessa,

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

There is just something about liberals, children and pedophila jokes.

Once again, we have another incident of Barack Obama speaking about something and not knowing about what he was speaking about. Saturday Night at the White House Correspondent's Dinner, Barack stuck his foot in his mouth yet again. The White House Correspondent's Dinner was really nothing more than a gathering of Obama's faithfully loyal cult fan club that being members of the media and Hollywood celebrities. According to the media's reporting of the Correspondent's Dinner, it appeared that Barack was the funniest person in the room that night. Here's the joke by Obama aimed at the Jonas Brothers that the media and Obama's crowd thought that was just so funny.

Not everybody in the room thought that Obama's joke was funny. The Jonas Brothers could vouch for that. So why would the Jonas Brothers take exception to Obama's "funny" joke about them and Obama's two daughters? Maybe it might have to do with the fact that the Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas are "adults" perhaps? I could only wonder how they felt sitting there having to be labeled as "pedophiles" by the President of the United States. The Jonas Brothers are adults and Obama's two daughters Sasha and Malia are kids. The word "awkward" comes to mind very quickly. This remind me of another awkwardly perverted joke told by David Letterman about Alex Rodriguez being with Sarah Palin's younger daughter Willow Palin in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium.

The Jonas Brothers made their displeasure known about Obama making a joke about them being pedophiles. Maybe Barack wasn't brought up to speed on who exactly the Jonas Brothers are and how old they are. If Obama's joke about the Jonas Brothers was told by George Bush as President, the media would have been all over it on how "distasteful" Bush's joke was. Maybe Obama should focus on actually knowing the artists his daughters listen too. Nah, that would only make him an informed parent.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Government Motors is still Government Motors regardless of what the CEO of Government Motors says otherwise.

I'm sure by now must of America has seen the very deceptive Government Motors commercial in which their CEO Ed Whitacre claimed that they repaid their federal government's loan five years ahead of schedule with interest.

He also claimed that he respected people who said that GM should have been allowed to fail and not be bailed out. I seriously doubt Ed and his words. The Unions are in tight with the Obama Administration. Those with the connections get saved, the rest are left to fall by the waste side. I guess having connections within this administration is like owning an American Express card. Membership has it's privileges. Frankly, this should have been the real GM's " commercial" that aired instead of Whitacre's bold faced polished 14k lie that aired in it's place. Listener Discretion advised.

Also, borrowing more money from the government to pay off a loan is called "government debt refinancing" not a "payoff". Ol Ed forgot to include that "small" detail. So contrary to what Ed says, Government Motors is still Government Motors for the foreseeable future.