Friday, July 30, 2010

The illegal criminals in Arizona got what they wanted, and they still aren't happy!

Noting irrigates mainstream Americans more then people who come into this country illegally and then have the audacity to fly their native country flag on the soil of the country they are trespassing on. This is footage yesterday from Arizona. The Arizona law for all practical purposes has been drastically watered down, and illegals and their supporters are still protesting. I still can't figure out the motive behind the flying of the Che flag. This is the United States of America. Arizona is a state that makes up the United States of America. Arizona isn't a part of Mexico. and the flying of the Mexican and Che flag should not be permitted. To bad I.C.E didn't mobilize to arrest and deport the law breakers who were rallying. I rather have them in jail instead of protesting in front of one.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Shirley Sherrod's husband Charles "We must stop the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections" Sherrod.

Wonders never cease do they? Since Shirley is being trumped up as being the "victim" in this whole Breitbart, NAACP, Fox News, Obama administration saga, I have to ask the question is she really the victim? Did you all know that Shirley is married? She is married to Charles Sherrod. Since the left wants to paint Shirley as the new poster child for racial harmony, let's see if that image sticks. The old saying goes that a person is sometimes judged by the company he or her keeps. I came across this video of Charles Sherrod speaking back in January of this year. Listen to Mr. Sherrod for yourself, and tell me do you believe that his wife isn't like minded as him. Again, Charles is Shirley's husband. Here's the kicker. Charles supposedly is a " REVEREND"!!

Don't you all want to just hold hands with ol Charles and sing Kumbaya? If Charles & Shirley don't represent racial unity, then I don't know who does. I'm being sarcastic of course. Any ways, here's the full 26 minutes speech by Charles Sherrod giving the keynote address at "50 Years After the Sit-Ins," at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congressman Paul Ryan schools Chris Matthews on economics and the federal budget.

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is a young rising star within the Republican Party. I've seen videos of him speaking. The guy is an accounting and financial wiz. He's also sharp as a tack and can think very fast on his feet. With this being known about Paul, what was Chris Matthews thinking in having him as a guest on his show via satellite. Don't get wrong, It was enjoyable watching Paul making an absolute fool out of Matthews. I didn't exactly get a tingle up my leg, but it was "must see television'. This is what happens when liberal talking points go up against cold hard facts.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It has come to this. Howard Dean is calling Fox News "racist".

Can someone please send Howard Dean an email telling him that he is only blowing away the last remaining grains of any credibility Democrats have left on the issue of race. Once again I find myself having to respond to yet another liberal kook dumb ass trying to play the race as a political weapon. Today Howard Dean was a guest on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. Dean asserted that Fox News failed to vet video footage of the speech showing that Sherrod was bragging about using her position as an Agriculture Department official to discriminate against a white farmer.

Dean stated “I don’t think Newt Gingrich is a racist, and I don’t think you’re a racist,” Dean told Fox News host Chris Wallace, “but Fox News did something that was absolutely racists. They took a – they had an obligation to find out what was really in the clip. They had been pushing a theme of black racism with this phony Black Panther crap and this business and this Sotomayor and all this other stuff.”

Phony Black Panther crap?

Oh I forgot, only whites in Klan outfits standing in front of black polling places in the south can be considered racist according to the county Howard Dean lives in, silly me. So Fox News is deemed "racist", because they aired video of a black woman?

I searched the Internet, and I haven't found any comments by Howard Dean calling MSNBC racist for purposely hiding the race of a black man.

I also didn't find and remarks from Howard Dean calling Chris Mathews a racist when he said that "for an hour I forgot I was watching a black man" (Obama).

I don't recall Howard Dean labeling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid a racist, when he said "Obama is a light skinned black man who doesn't have a negro dialect unless he wants to have one".

I don't recall Howard Dean calling Bill Clinton a racist on any of the talking head shows, when Bill said "come on Ted (Kennedy) a few years ago "this guy" (Obama) would have been "serving us coffee". Even Ted Kennedy was offended by Bill's comment. Once again, no response from not only Dean but by no other liberal Dems, surprised?

After the whole Shirley Sherrod fiasco, mainstream Americans are now to the point they are ready to yell ENOUGH OF THIS RACE CRAP the next time the false allegation of racism is brought up. Dean went on to further say

“We’ve got to stop being afraid of Glenn Beck (a Fox News host) and the racist fringe of the Republican Party. But Fox News was not blameless during this. You played it up.”

Here' another feather in the cap of left wing racial fear scaremongering, thanks Howard. When the left can't defend their policies and ideologies, they have to resort 100% to tar and feathering the opposition as "racists" in order to try and silence them. That tactic has now become outdated. People are on to how the game works now. Since this story happened today, I know Dean is going to be challenged and rebutted very hard come tomorrow on the talk radio shows. By Dean bringing up Glen Beck's name in the same sentence as "racist fringe", are we to assume that Dean was in a back handed manner calling Glen Beck a racist? If Howard Dean truly was concerned about racism, he would have called out the racist fringe of any political party, Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Constitutional Party, Green Party, Communist Party USA etc. So Dean showed how he like most liberals use race as a political weapon. I just happened to notice the talking point similarities between what Howard Dean said about the "racist fringe of the republican party" and what what Mr. Jealous of the NAACP said about the "racist elements within the tea party". Lets compare notes. Elements and Fringe, Tea Party and the Republican Party. So I challenge anyone to tell me that the NAACP and the Democratic Party aren't sharing the same playbook. The left has been trying to claim that the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party are just one and the same from the very start. In Dean's closing comments, he said something that only a kook could possible believe.

"Dean said. “Continuing to cater to this theme of minority racism and stressing comments like this – some of which are taken out of context – does not help the country knit itself together.

This morn doesn't even know or maybe he does that it is the left who are creating a racial divide. It is his side that keep bring up the issue of race 24 freaking 7, 365 freaking days of the week. Howard Dean doesn't speak for mainstream America. Contrary to the fantasy land Howard is living in. Liberals aren't the authority on what is racism and what isn't in this country. How many times have conservative pundits been taken out of context by the left? Howard would never answer that. Smearing Fox News as being racist isn't going to bring them down or start bleeding viewers. It is because of the remarks of Howard Dean that Fox is number one.

She claims not to be the "white man's bitch", so who's bitch is Ieshuh Griffin?

To my female readers, there is a perfectly logically explanation behind my headline. Unfortunately, I can't explain the logic behind Ms Ieshuh Griffin's campaign slogan. Ms. Griffin is a young black female  who is running as an independent for the Wisconsin State Senate. Ms. Griffin's campaign slogan just happens to be "NOT the whiteman's bitch". I guess this can be described as " when ghetto met politics". So much for a post racial America under Barack Obama. I'm going to go out on a limb and claim that Ms. Ieshuh Griffin isn't a conservative. So with that being said, I will also claim that this is another example of a black liberal having an oversensitive mental hangup on the issue of race. This story isn't even one week removed from the other race based story in which the black liberals of the NAALCP passed a resolution to try and single out the tea party movement. Because of the NAALCP's actions, Andrew Breitbart retaliated by making an issue of Ms. Shirley Sherrod. It has become abundantly clear who the people are in our country who "CAN'T LET GO OF RACE". I'm curious about Ms. Griffin. Since she claims she's "NOT the whiteman's bitch", who's bitch is she then? I wish I could ask her that.

Is she the "black man's bitch"?

the "asian man's bitch"?

the hispanic man's bitch?

the "native American man's bitch"?

the "pacific islander man's bitch"?

or "other man's bitch"?

I'm saying this of course to draw attention to how absolutely ignorant Ms. Griffin is. People who are obsessed with race tend to be some of the dumbest most closed minded ignorant people you can find anywhere. The panel on the Fox News show Red Eye discuss Ms. Griffin's slogan.

Here's Rush Limbaugh speaking about Ms. Griffin's campaign slogan.

If Ms. Griffin is running in a district that is mostly black and thinks like her, she is a shoe in to win. How do you think people like Shelia Jackson Lee, and Cynthia Mc Kenney got elected in the first place?For some reason Ieshuh Griffin actually makes Alvin Green of South Carolina seem legit believe it or not. That isn't saying much I know. File this away as another illustration on who are the people in America who are oversensitive about race. I'll give some of you a hint, it's not conservatives nor the tea party folks. I'm surprised that the left hasn't come out and called the people who don't support Ieshuh Griffin's slogan and are offended by it as being a bunch of racists. Give it time, it's still earlier. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

As these long days under the Obama administration go by until 2012, we might as well have a few laughs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Shirley Sherrod Saga. Part 2

I'm glad that this crazy episode played out the way it did, because the NAALCP showed itself for what it isn't. It is no longer a Civil Rights organization. The acronym for the NAACP is "National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People". The term colored is disparately outdated. Anyways, many on the left attacked me because I focused on the NAALCP's resolution, but here is my question. How does the NAALCP's resolution against the Tea Party help to "advance colored people"? All roads seem to lead back to the point that "it doesn't". That is the key point that many people have been trying to make since this whole thing got started. With so many problems facing the black community, the NAACLP honestly believed that by passing this resolution would some how help blacks? The origins of the NAALCP's resolution was political in nature. They wanted to try and gin up support among blacks to come out in the midterm elections. It has been historically proven that most blacks don't come out in strong numbers in off year elections. The NAACP and Democratic operatives are despicable for trying to use race as an issue to try and gin up racial fear to coral racial manipulation among blacks just to get them out to the polling places. Most blacks could care less about what the Tea Party is doing or what it is in general. In retrospect, it probably would have been better that conservatives just ignored the NAALCP's resolution. In it's current form, the group really no longer has the influence that it once had when the organization was once actually relevant. Most of the media is interviewing Shirlely Sherrod, because she is now the 15 minute darling of the media. I think of her as the new Levi Johnston or Cindy Shehan. As long as she talks negatively about Fox News or perusing Andrew Breitbart, the media is going to gleefully hang on her every word.

The Shirley Sherrod Saga. Part 1

I've gotten a ton of emails from my subscribers on YouTube and followers of blog asking me about my comments now that the full video of Shirley Sherrod was released. Pretty much my thoughts are still the same. Andrew Breitbart didn't personally edit the tape that he posted on his blog, he received the video already in it's format and thought it was the full video. So it was a miscalculation on his part, but nobody is disputing that she did at one time harbor racial sentiments towards white. She admitted that much. If she had a change of heart towards other people of different races,then I say good for her. This is what has gotten blown way out of portion though. Nobody on the right ever asked or demanded for Shirley Sherrod be fired from her position for what ever body thought she said. The objective of the video was aimed at exposing the NAALCP. If anything Shirley Sherrod was the unknowing prop or tool in Breitbart's attempt to make it happen. It wasn't conservatives, Fox News or Andrew Breitbart who fired Shirley Sherrod. I've heard liberals yesterday calling into the local talk shows and for some reason crowing by attacking Fox News and Andrew Breitbart. I have to shake my head and laugh at these people, because they are either brain dead or have very sort memories. I can't count how many times left wing hack groups like Media Matters have purposely taken out of context what conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh said. I still remember the hatchet job that Media Matters did in taking out of context what radio talk show host Bill Bennett made in a hypothetical to a caller in regards to black babies, crime and abortion. The latest misrepresentation was when liberals purposely took out of context what Rand Paul said on Rachael Madcow's show in regards to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Everybody knows that a person can't build a foundation on quick sand, that is what liberals are trying to do in somehow thinking that because of Breitbart's and Fox's missteps. In other words, liberals who claim to be upset with Breitbart and Fox News really don't have a leg in which to stand on on this issue. Let me give you all the perfect example. Last year Obama was in Arizona trying to push drum up support of Obama. In Arizona, people have the right to carry guns around in the open. Well the so called media outlet MSNBC was at the health care summit recording and commenting on the crowd that came out in opposition to Obamacare. Well the host Contesa Brewer, Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC pop culture analyst commented on the crowd. They zoomed in on a man who had a pistol attached to his side and an AK-47 strapped to his shoulder.

Well Contessa and the gang "forgot to mention" to their audience one little secret about that "white dude" who was carrying those guns.

Yup, the guy is black. I heard Keith Olberman yesterday taking shots at Fox News over the Sherrod incident. The fact of the matter is that Olberman works for an outfit that PURPOSELY HID THE RACIAL INDENITY OF A MAN IN ORDER TO CREATE A RACIALLY MANIPULATIVE STORY!! Liberal weirdos refer to Fox News as "Faux News", but I don't recall Fox ever doing anything like what MSNBC did. There was no outrage or coverage by the other media on MSNBC's deception. That is why I chuckle now witnessing the so called media in an all out blitz mode in going after Fox News and Andrew Breitbart.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Will the NAALCP repudiate racism when there is proof it exists within it's ranks?

A person has a better chance at hitting the lottery then that happening. I found this undercover video over at Andrew Breitbart's site. This is video from the NAALCP's 20th Anniversary Freedom Fund Banquet in Georgia showing a black lady by the name of Shirley Sherrod who is an employee for the USDA's Georgia Rural Development office describing her racist behavior toward a white farmer she encountered in need of federal aid. To this date Benjamin Jealous nor other members of the NAACP has yet to renounce her "questionable" behavior. Also Ms. Sherrod is a NAALCP Award recipient. So it appears that the NAALCP has gone from fighting racism to awarding it, when the "right skin color" is involved.


Maybe Ben will pass a resolution at next year's NAALCP convention condemning her actions.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A necessary first step to cleansing yourself after voting for Obama.

There has to be about 10 or more different variations to the Barack Obama bumper sticker in existance. I know I see enough of those pollutions here in Baltimore. To those of you who now regret your error in voting for Obama, there is hope for you. No longer do you have to drive around town with that annoying Obama bumper sticker on your vechile acting as a scarlet letter branded on your forehead for everybody to see. Just remember that the journey to recover starts with the first step.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Matthews must have forgotten that Tim Scott is also black.

How much more of an intellectual dumbass can Chris Matthews get? I hate to be harsh in my language, but the truth is what it is. Mr.Tingles Chris Matthews went back to the only topic his limited mind can comprehend to a certain extent. That topic of course being about "conservatives and race". I have more then commented on Mr. Tingle to the point I want to almost throw up. In this case, I wanted to show how Chris left out a key fact in his segment that completely discredited what he was trying to spew. Mathews had on his show yesterday recently defeated Republican Representative Bob Inglis of South Carolina. He only invited Inglis on his show so he could use him in which to attack conservatives like Limbaugh, Hannity and the residents of South Carolina. Chris was bewildered that conservative voters of South Carolina voted for the Tea Party and Republican Candidate Nikki Haley who is an American of Native descent, but they don't support a black president.

Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris.

This guy is suppose to be a political pundit right? I forgot that Matthews use to work within the Carter administration so never mind. While Chris was pondering why Obama isn't liked in South Carolina while Haley is, Chris "forgot to mention" that those "good ol white conservatives" in South Carolina also voted for and helped Tim Scott win his primary race for the 1st district congressional seat. I'm sure it must have just slipped Matthew's mind, yeah right. Chris wouldn't have left that key bit of information out on purpose in order to form a racist picture about the people in South Carolina would he? Let me help Chris out for a moment. Tim Scott is black like Obama, but Tim unlike Obama has a chance of winning in South Carolina. Here's the secret. Tim Scott is a black conservative running in a conservative district in a conservative state. Obama is an ultra liberal who of course lost in the solidly conservative state. Once again, I can't believe Chris Matthews actually gets paid for what he does. It's not that the folks of South Carolina have a problem with a "black president", it's the fact that this black president is a hardcore socialist. In Matthew's segment he neglected to mention the political ideologies of Nikki Haley and Barack Obama. Nikki Haley is like Tim Scott, she is also a conservative. There is another facet to this story that Chris will never ever report on. It was Sarah Palin who endorsed both Tim Scott and Nikki Haley. If Sarah Palin decides to run in 2012, it will be near impossible for Chris and the rest of the left to label Palin as a racist because of her endorsements. I forgot that liberals don't let reality stop them from their shameless race pandering and baiting.

Black conservatives respond to the liberal race baiters.

Who knows, maybe the NAALCP might learn something from this video. I seriously doubt it though. I haven't done a video in awhile, so I might be doing my own video this weekend in response to the NAALCP. Stay tuned. Here's a quick side note. Barry Obama was suppose to represent a "post racial" era in our country's history. It has been anything but that since his inauguration. Himself and his racially obsessed supporters are to thank for that.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are prostitutes and the NAALCP now considered interchangable? Part 2

If some of you think I'm off base in my belief that the NAALCP ceased being a civil rights organization a long time ago, let me ask you this question. "What is the expertise of the NAACLP on the issue of Gobal Warming"? If you all are scratching your heads collectively and are saying to yourselves "nothing", you all are correct. I've said before that the NAALCP Is a hack organization. Last year, the NAALCP took up the issue of "Climate Change". So did they do it, because they believe the weather is racist? They did it, because the issue of man made Global Warming is a liberal cause mainly trumpeted by the Democratic Party. It has nothing to do with blacks, their advancement or decline. Some of you may remember this incident last year, this is the video of Senator Barbara Boxer using the NAALCP's "Climate Change" study as a tool in order to try and race pander to the National Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Harry Alford. She failed miserably at it.

I still can't for the life of me figure out why a seating United States Senator would use a Global Warming study by an organization that doesn't have any first hand expertise in the subject matter. Wait a minute,I did say why, never mind.

Are prostitutes and the NAALCP now considered interchangable? Part 1

I have to say that question is very hard to answer. A prostitute sells his or her body to another person for money. The National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People has sold it's soul and credibility as a once legitimate Civil Rights organization to the Democratic Party. Knowing that their Johns being the Democratic establishment are scheduled to suffer massive loses in the midterm elections, the NAALCP has resorted to using the only tactic it has available in order to gin up support from blacks to come out and vote. The race card has been worn out, tapped together yet is still being played again. Yesterday at the NAACP's national convention in Kansas City, the political hack organization passing itself off as a civil rights organization passed a "resolution condemning certain elements within the tea party'. The resolution also claims that Tea Party members "hurled racial epithets at African-American members of Congress". No evidence has ever been presented to validate these claims. Gee, I wonder why? Andrew Brietbart of the website Big Government offered Rep. Democrat John Lewis of Georgia and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, Democrat of Missouri $ 100,000 of his own money if the two could produce video of the alleged incident. To this day, no video footage has been presented.

The NAALCP's resolution is meaningless on the grounds of actually being relevant to blacks. Most blacks especially young ones aren't even involved with NAALCP. This shell political hack organization has long outlived it's useful as a legitimate civil rights organization. If the number one issue at their annual meeting was to pass a resolution over a non violent incident that there wasn't even any proof of it happening in the first place, I know it's time for the NAALCP to fade off into the sunset and to be remembered for when they actually were relevant and needed and actually had credibility. The fact of the matter is that that Democratic tactic of making everything about race simply doesn't fly anymore.

Liberals of all races have gone to that well one time way too many. The NAALCP's meaningless resolution isn't going to be pack black folks into the voting booths in November. It's a desperation move that isn't going to work. I guess it would be too much like right for the NAALCP to address and focus on "real issues" facing blacks like "unemployment, drug addiction, poverty, illiteracy and crime". I did say it would be too much like right.

Friday, July 09, 2010

The natives are restless in Oakland

Seeing that the residents in Oakland can't protest over how bad their sports teams are, I guess rioting over the shooting of a person they don't even know could be a close second. If you all haven't heard by now, blacks in Oakland are destroying their communities over the verdict that was handed down by the jury in the case of a white police officer Johannes Mehserle convicted of murdering Oscar Grant last year.. The officer was convicted of manslaughter and will face a maximum of four years in prison. The sentence wasn't enough for the "civilized" thugs of Oakland, so they decided to take to the streets in a non violent show of dismay. Ah who am I kidding, they broke into stores and looted them in the name of "justice"?

I'm not exactly sure how breaking into the stores of merchants who had nothing to do with the shooting of Oscar Grant and stealing their merchandise is suppose to be a valid expression of displeasure over the verdict. I have a crazy theory. Could it be that the hoodlums of Oakland really could care less about Oscar Grant and just wanted to use what happened to him as an excuse to steal and vandalize people's property? Nah, it couldn't be that dam simple. It is so ironic that in this video a young black male is saying in a megaphone to be "non violent" and the next thing you hear is the glass to a foot locker store being broken. As Obama once said, this is a "teachable moment". Black are bigger hypocrites when it comes to racial issues then white liberals are. If the young black unarmed man Oscar Grant was shot and killed by a black Oakland street thug, Oscar would have been a five second story on the nightly Oakland News and that would have been it. 83 people wouldn't have been arrested. This wouldn't have been a national story. There wouldn't have been no riots etc etc etc. This fact really can't be disputed. The teachable moment with the riots in Oakland as with the riots that happened in South Central Los Angeles is crystal clear. A black person's life really doesn't have much value until that person is killed by a white person. Allow me to further illustrate my point. I doubt that if Rodney King was beaten up by seven or ten young black men with sticks, his beating wouldn't have been a national story.Try this one on for size. Hundred of black men and woman are killed on the streets of America every year. Their murders aren't at the hands of the Klu Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation or rogue police officers. Their murderers are other blacks mainly young black men. I'm sure there are people foaming at the mouth reading this. All I can say is "prove me wrong". The dark reality is that in 2010, blacks have more to fear from young black males then from any other racial group in this country. In the hip hop culture, black rappers glorify killing other black men. This is a "song" by a rapper known as "Mobb Deep". Listener discretion is advised.

Let me get back to the shooting case of Mr. Grant for a moment. Mr. Johannes Mehserle should go to jail for what he did. Accident or not, there is no excuse. In the heat of the moment could Mr. Mehserle have mistaken his teaser for his gun? It is possible, but it just happened to be a fatal judgment call. That doesn't give blacks in Oakland the green light to act like savage idiots. The old saying is that each generation is suppose to become weaker and wiser. With young blacks, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. As a black male, it was beyond embarrassing watching blacks in South Central Los Angeles destroying their city over a two bit hood rat drunk who was beaten by the LAPD. Now I have to watch black men making fools out of themselves yet again over an incident that wasn't racist in nature. Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't the election of Barack Obama suppose to have ushered in the era of "post racial harmony" or something like that?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Houston, we have a problem!!!

Remember when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA for short was responsible for performing space exploration and science experiments? Well it looks like those days are over. The virus of political correctness has reached it's tentacles again onto another host. It's no shocker that Obama has a huge hang up on pandering to Muslims, but what he wants to do with NASA has gone way too far. The other day, Obama's new NASA Administrator Charles Bolden was interviewed by the Muslim television network Al Jezzera. So I know what you all are asking yourself. Why would the Administrator for NASA be interviewed by Al Jezzera? The old saying goes that "truth is sometimes stranger then fiction". In this case it is indeed that. Apparently Mr. Bolden and Obama want to make NASA an "outreach program" to the Muslim World.

For a person who claims to be a Christian, Obama sure has a fixation on wanting to be liked by "the Muslim world".

Does Obama believe that if Muslims are floating in space that will lead to them not blowing themselves up or killing in the name of Allah?  It's inconceivable that Barack Obama would want to change NASA into some sort of Muslim social feel good experiment. I doubt Obama and Bolden will ever have a Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu outreach.  Call me crazy.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A simple thought for Independence Day

Our nation didn't become a great nation just because of it's citizens. It became a great nation due to the fact that it's citizens placed prosperity and freedom above all else. When a people don't have to worry about being oppressed, they are free to unleash their god given talents and thus the nation benefits as a whole. Ordinary people coming together to create an extraordinary nation like none other. That is why the word "Independence" is so important. With our neo Marxist president and his cronies running our country. It is important now more then ever that we don't let these people "fundamentally transform our country" as Obama said.

The people become weak when the government has the power. I will let Agustus from the black conservative show sum it all up.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sarah Palin one year later

Today marks the one year anniversary of Sarah Palin "shocking" the political world by resigning as governor of Alaska. I put the word "shocking" in quotes for a reason. The Palin hating drones have been going non stop trying to tag her as being a "quitter". Their regurgitating claim of course is merely a half truth. The Palin hating left and even some on the right will never admit to the reason why Sarah Palin resigned a year ago today. For them to admit the obvious would shine a negative light onto them. This is what I mean. When Sarah Palin left Alaska in September of 2008 to join John McCain as his running mate in Ohio, the political world never heard of this woman. She enjoyed a 70% approval rating in her state of Alaska as governor, more importantly she had no frivolous lawsuit hanging over her head. When Palin returned to Alaska after the election, then everything changed very quickly. As soon as Palin returned to her role as governor the ethic violation lawsuits against Palin by her enemies started. The goal by the left was beyond obvious at the time. They wanted to bankrupt Sarah Palin under the crushing weight of the legal bills she racked up in defending herself. Before Palin left office, her legal bill was a little over $ 600,000. I believe that the cause behind Palin resigning says more about how evil and vindictive the left is more so then the actual act of Palin resigning.

The abstract phoniness of the left really annoys me at times. They know as do I that if they were in Palin's shoes and they had a chance to pay off their legal debt by writing a book and not declaring bankruptcy in office, they would do exactly what she did. Most Americans would have done the same thing. Sarah robbed her fanatic haters of being ruined while still in office, so they had to resort to plan B and label her a quitter instead. I understand the liberal mind like the back of my hand. These people aren't hard to figure out. Sarah is way to proud to ever admit that the cost of the lawsuits is ultimately what caused her to resign, because she knows that would be admitting that her enemies influenced her actions to resign. If she does decide to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2012, she is going to have to tackle the resignation issue head on and just come clean and admit that she resigned in order to pay off her legal debts in defending herself against 20 frivolous ethic complaint suits. Because she didn't go into detail over her resignation, many Americans believe she just resigned for the hell of it. Since her resignation, she has done more to help fight her enemies then she could have ever done while still being governor of Alaska. I didn't buy her excuse for a minute that she didn't want to be a lame duck governor. I also understand that at the time she did the right thing by not giving her enemies the satisfaction of letting her enemies know that their actions influenced her decision. The best way for Sarah Palin to get even on the left that tried to destroy her is for her to simply do what they dread her doing, just run in 2012.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Robert Byrd being the longest serving Senator isn't nothing to be proud of.

I was listening to all the praise by Democrats for Robert Byrd today. The media has yet to even once comment on Byrd's "checkered past". I will continue the comparison between Byrd and Strom Thurmond for a reason. I remember the day of Strom's funeral, and the coverage of his funeral was the difference between night and day by the lame stream media. It has been fascinating today listening to top Democratic congressional leaders commenting that Robert Byrd was their "mentor", "friend" blah blah blah. The media has been using the headline that Robert Byrd was the longest serving Senator in history. It sounded to me like they wanted to make that fact as some sort of a historic positive or something. The problem with congress is that we have to many career politicians like the late Robert Byrd. With so many people acknowledging that their elected officials have lost touch with them, Robert Byrd's career should serve as to what the glaring problem is with congress not as some sort of accomplishment.